Pelo Correio #51

Já chegaram mais alguns livros cá a casa, vindos da grande promoção da FNAC. Alguns foram a 3,75€, outros a 2,5€  outros a 1€ 🙂


B is for Burglar, Kinsey Millhone #2 de Sue Grafton

Sinopse: Finding wealthy Elaine Boldt seems like a quickie case to Kinsey Millhone. The flashy widow was last seen wearing a $12,000 lynx coat, leaving her condo in Santa Teresa for her condo in Boca Raton. But somewhere in between, she vanished. Kinsey’s case goes from puzzling to sinister when a house is torched, an apartment is burgled of worthless papers, the lynx coat comes back without Elaine, and her bridge partner is found dead. Soon Kinsey’s clues begin to form a capital M—not for missing, but for murder: and plenty of it.

C is for Corpse, Kinsey Millhone #3 de Sue Grafton

Sinopse: My name is Kinsey Millhone. I’m a licensed private investigator…thirty two, twice divorced. I like being alone and I suspect that my independence suits me better than it should…’
Kinsey met Bobby Callahan in the gym on Monday morning.
His story was hard to credit: a murderous assault by a tailgating car on a lonely rural road, a roadside smash into a canyon 400 feet below, his Porsche a ruin, his best friend dead, and his memory severely impaired. He was convinced someone was trying to kill him.
By Thursday, he was dead.
But Kinsey wasn’t going back on a deal. She had been hired to prevent a murder. Now she was looking for the murderer…

D is for Deadbeat, Kinsey Millhone #4 de Sue Grafton

Sinopse: D IS FOR DEADBEAT. He called himself Alvin Limardo, and the job he had for Kinsey was cut-and-dried: locate a kid who’d done him a favor and pass on a check for $25,000. It was only later, after he’d stiffed her for her retainer, that Kinsey found out his name was Daggett. John Daggett. Ex-con. Inveterate liar. Chronic drunk. And dead. The cops called it an accident–death by drowning. Kinsey wasn’t so sure.
Pulled into the detritus of a dead man’s life, Kinsey soon realizes that Daggett had an awful lot of enemies. There’s the daughter who grew up with a cheating drunk for a father, and the wife who’s become a religious nut in response to an intolerable marriage. There’s the lady who thought she was Mrs. Daggett–and has the bruises to prove it–only to discover the legal Mrs. D. And there are the drug dealers out $25,000. But most of all, there are the families of the five people John Daggett killed, victims of his wild, drunken driving. The D.A. called it vehicular manslaughter and put him away for two years. The families called it murder and had very good reason to want John Daggett dead.
Deft, cunning, and clever, this latest Millhone mystery also confronts some messy truths, for, as Kinsey herself says, “Some debts of the human soul are so enormous only life itself is sufficient forfeit”–but as she’d be the first to admit, murder is not a socially acceptable solution.


Dead But Not Forgotten, Sookie Stackhouse #13,6 de Charlaine Harris

Sinopse: There’s more to Sookie Stackhouse than you ever knew…
The #1 New York Times bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris spawned a hit TV show and captivated fans around the world—including other authors. Now this group of writers, specifically chosen by Charlaine, pays tribute to “the southern, mind-reading belle who gets mixed up in the world of vampires and magical creatures” (The Kansas City Star) with a collection of fifteen stories about your favorite residents of Bon Temps.

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Be With Me, de Maya Banks

Sinopse: So much closer than just friends.
Hutch Bishop, Cam Douglas, and Sawyer Pritchard were juvenile delinquents with a reckless and wildly sexy side. But they had more in common than that. They had Regina Fallon, a wealthy but lonely girl from the right side of the tracks who formed an unusual friendship with the boys. She felt protected. She felt needed. She felt loved…for the first time in her life. By all three.
Today, she’s a police officer, dedicated to her badge, and wary of reigniting her relationship with the hot trio after one night of passion left her confused—and stunned—by what they wanted from her. But when a mysterious attempt is made on her life, Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer jump in to protect her again. Now, the four are forming an all-new bond. It’s more exciting, more intense, and—as a killer looms in the shadows—more dangerous than ever before.

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The Job, Fox and O’Hare #3 Janet Evanovich e Lee Goldberg

Sinopse: The third book in the exciting and suspenseful Fox and O’Hare series from Janet Evanovich, No. 1 bestselling author of the iconic Stephanie Plum novels, and Lee Goldberg, bestselling author of the Monk series.

Catching bad guys is what Special Agent Kate O’Hare does. Working side-by-side with them… not so much.

When the FBI teamed her up with master criminal Nick Fox, they gave her no choice.

Now the ex-Navy Seal has a world-class conman as a partner, and keeping track of him is a full-time job.

Especially when Fox is caught on camera stealing a priceless work of art, taking him right from being the FBI’s most covert operative, back to the top of America’s most-wanted.

Only Kate suspects all is not what it seems. Nick Fox is no common thief, and snatch and grab just isn’t his style. Someone is setting him up, and it’s down to Kate to figure out why – before Nicolas Fox, master of disguise, is beaten at his own game.

Lies, hustles and high-stakes take-downs: it’s all in a day’s work when Fox and O’Hare get THE JOB . . .

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Costura Criativa #Aventais e Pegas

Tenho andado entretida com os meus tecidos e fiz mais algumas peças, desta vez para a cozinha.

costura-criativa-22-1-1 costura-criativa-22-1-2

Um avental diferente, com bastante roda e que prende com um botão na parte de trás. Fica um efeito muito bonito, tipo uma saia.

As pegas são a combinar, enfia-se a mão lá dentro e é mais fácil de usar.


costura-criativa-22-1-4  costura-criativa-22-1-3

Com este tecido fiz um avental “normal” e umas pegas em forma de coração.

Eu adoro este tecido, já fiz várias peças com ele, tanto para a cozinha como para capas de livros, porta lenços e porta moedas, fica mesmo bonito.




Este tecido com os cupcakes fica muito bem nas peças de cozinha.

Neste caso fiz dois aventais, para adulto e criança. Já tinha feito pegas, uma toalha, uma caixa multiusos e mais uma série de peças.




Estes dois tecidos são sem dúvida os meus preferidos, estou viciada em usá-los para tudo e mais alguma coisa. Já comprei mais para ficar de reserva para mais peças que queira fazer 🙂

Wishlist #32

Isto de começar uma série que ainda vai nos primeiros livros é muito mau, é que temos de esperar um ano ou mais para poder ler o livro seguinte. Acho que a partir de agora vou-me virar para séries que já saíram há algum tempo atrás, ou que já vão avançadas para poder comprar e ler os livros todos com pouco tempo de intervalo.

Nesta wishlist tenho um livro que faz parte de uma série (pois claro) e é o 3º de uma quadrilogia, o que quer dizer que comecei a ler esta série em Janeiro de 2016 e só a vou terminar em 2018 😦


Título: King’s Cage (Red Queen #3)

Autor: Victoria Aveyard

Editora: Orion

Páginas: 320

Género: Young Adult; Fantasy; Dystopia

Data de Lançamento: 9 de Fevereiro de 2017

Sinopse: In this breathless third installment to Victoria Aveyard’s bestselling Red Queen series, allegiances are tested on every side. And when the Lightning Girl’s spark is gone, who will light the way for the rebellion?
Mare Barrow is a prisoner, powerless without her lightning, tormented by her lethal mistakes. She lives at the mercy of a boy she once loved, a boy made of lies and betrayal. Now a king, Maven Calore continues weaving his dead mother’s web in an attempt to maintain control over his country—and his prisoner.
As Mare bears the weight of Silent Stone in the palace, her once-ragtag band of newbloods and Reds continue organizing, training, and expanding. They prepare for war, no longer able to linger in the shadows. And Cal, the exiled prince with his own claim on Mare’s heart, will stop at nothing to bring her back.
When blood turns on blood, and ability on ability, there may be no one left to put out the fire—leaving Norta as Mare knows it to burn all the way down.

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Razões Para Estar na Wishlist

– Adorei ler os dois livros anteriores a este, se bem que prefiro o primeiro;

– É uma história diferente, com personagens interessantes e alguns enredos secundários;

– Nem tudo o que parece é: “Anyone can betray anyone”.

Descontos, Vales e Promoções

Ora cá estou eu de novo com o primeiro post de 2017. Ando com imensa vontade de vir publicar coisas novas aqui no blog mas o tempo escasseia e passa a voar.

Hoje consegui arranjar um bocadinho para vos vir falar de promoções, neste caso na FNAC, entre 6 e 26 de Janeiro.


Source: FNAC

Estas promoções da FNAC são uma maravilha, existem imensos livros a 1€ (aqui), exatamente, livros a apenas 1€.

Existem também outros em campanha:

1 livro = 5€, 2 livros = 7,5€ (aqui)

1 livro = 7,5€, 2 livros = 11€ (aqui)

1 livro = 10€, 2 livros = 15€ (aqui)

1 livro = 15€, 2 livros = 22,5€ (aqui)

Eu já aproveitei e comprei 8 livros por 20€, por minha vontade comprava muitos mais mas a carteira não deixa 🙂

Prendas de Natal

Este ano o natal foi tão bom, mas tão bom. Além de estar com a família toda, o maridão encheu-me de prendas 🙂

Claro que não podiam faltar os livrinhos e neste natal tive direito a 5 que eu queria mesmo muito.


São tão lindos, uns são novos, outros usados mas estão todos em ótimo estado.


Scarlet, The Lunar Chronicles #2 de Marissa Meyer

Sinopse: This is not the fairytale you remember.
But it’s one you won’t forget.

Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother is missing. The police have closed her case. The only person Scarlet can turn to is Wolf, a street fighter she does not trust, but they are drawn to each other.
Meanwhile, in New Beijing, Cinder will become the Commonwealth’s most wanted fugitive – when she breaks out of prison to stay one step ahead of vicious Queen Levana.
As Scarlet and Wolf expose one mystery, they encounter Cinder and a new one unravels. Together they must challenge the evil queen, who will stop at nothing to make Prince Kai her husband, her king, her prisoner . . .

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The Shadow Queen, Ravenspire #1 de C.J. Redwine

Sinopse: Lorelai Diederich, crown princess and fugitive at large, has one mission: kill the wicked queen who took both the Ravenspire throne and the life of her father. To do that, Lorelai needs to use the one weapon she and Queen Irina have in common—magic. She’ll have to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than Irina, the most dangerous sorceress Ravenspire has ever seen.
In the neighboring kingdom of Eldr, when Prince Kol’s father and older brother are killed by an invading army of magic-wielding ogres, the second-born prince is suddenly given the responsibility of saving his kingdom. To do that, Kol needs magic—and the only way to get it is to make a deal with the queen of Ravenspire, promise to become her personal huntsman…and bring her Lorelai’s heart.
But Lorelai is nothing like Kol expected—beautiful, fierce, and unstoppable—and despite dark magic, Lorelai is drawn in by the passionate and troubled king. Fighting to stay one step ahead of the dragon huntsman—who she likes far more than she should—Lorelai does everything in her power to ruin the wicked queen. But Irina isn’t going down without a fight, and her final move may cost the princess the one thing she still has left to lose.

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Spinning Starlight, de R.C. Lewis

Sinopse: Sixteen-year-old heiress and paparazzi darling Liddi Jantzen hates the spotlight. But as the only daughter in the most powerful tech family in the galaxy, it’s hard to escape it. So when a group of men shows up at her house uninvited, she assumes it’s just the usual media-grubs. That is, until shots are fired.
Liddi escapes, only to be pulled into an interplanetary conspiracy more complex than she ever could have imagined. Her older brothers have been caught as well, trapped in the conduits between the planets. And when their captor implants a device in Liddi’s vocal cords to monitor her speech, their lives are in her hands: One word and her brothers are dead.
Desperate to save her family from a desolate future, Liddi travels to another world, where she meets the one person who might have the skills to help her bring her eight brothers home—a handsome dignitary named Tiav. But without her voice, Liddi must use every bit of her strength and wit to convince Tiav that her mission is true. With the tenuous balance of the planets deeply intertwined with her brothers’ survival, just how much is Liddi willing to sacrifice to bring them back?
Haunting and mesmerizing, this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Wild Swans strings the heart of the classic with a stunning, imaginative world as a star-crossed family fights for its very survival..

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Frost Like Night, Snow Like Ashes #3 de Sara Raasch

Sinopse: Angra is alive, his Decay is spreading—and no one is safe.
Meira will do anything to save her world. With Angra trying to break through her mental defenses, she desperately needs to learn to control her own magic—so when the leader of a mysterious Order from Paisly offers to teach her, Meira jumps at the chance.  But the true solution to stopping the Decay lies in a labyrinth deep beneath the Season Kingdoms.  To defeat Angra, Meira will have to enter the labyrinth, destroy the very magic she’s learning to control– and make the biggest sacrifice of all.
Mather will do anything to save his queen. He needs to rally the Children of the Thaw, find Meira—and finally tell her how he really feels.  But with a plan of attack that leaves no kingdom unscathed and a major betrayal within their ranks, winning the war—and protecting Meira—slips farther and farther out of reach.
Ceridwen will do anything to save her people. Angra had her brother killed, stole her kingdom, and made her a prisoner.  But when she’s freed by an unexpected ally who reveals a shocking truth behind Summer’s slave trade, Ceridwen must take action to save her true love and her kingdom, even if it costs her what little she has left.
As Angra unleashes the Decay on the world, Meira, Mather, and Ceridwen must bring the kingdoms of Primoria together…or lose everything.

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A Torch Against The Nigh, An Ember in The Ashes #2 de Sabaa Tahir

Sinopse: Elias and Laia are running for their lives. After the events of the Fourth Trial, Martial soldiers hunt the two fugitives as they flee the city of Serra and undertake a perilous journey through the heart of the Empire.
Laia is determined to break into Kauf—the Empire’s most secure and dangerous prison—to save her brother, who is the key to the Scholars’ survival. And Elias is determined to help Laia succeed, even if it means giving up his last chance at freedom.
But dark forces, human and otherworldly, work against Laia and Elias. The pair must fight every step of the way to outsmart their enemies: the bloodthirsty Emperor Marcus, the merciless Commandant, the sadistic Warden of Kauf, and, most heartbreaking of all, Helene—Elias’s former friend and the Empire’s newest Blood Shrike.
Bound to Marcus’s will, Helene faces a torturous mission of her own—one that might destroy her: find the traitor Elias Veturius and the Scholar slave who helped him escape…and kill them both.

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Pelo Correio #50

Chegaram cá a casa os últimos livros antes do Natal. Aproveitei as promoções na Saída de Emergência e este ano o marido também teve direito a um livrinho 🙂


Redimida, House of Night #12 de P.C. Cast e Kristin Cast

Sinopse: Zoey Rebdird está em perigo. Isolada dos seus amigos, a jovem está determinada a encarar o castigo que merece – mesmo que tal signifique que o seu corpo rejeite a mudança e comece a definhar. Só o amor dos que lhe são próximos poderão salvá-la do vazio do seu espírito, mas um mal terrível emerge das sombras, mais poderoso que nunca…
Neferet fez-se finalmente conhecer perante os mortais, coroando-se de Deusa Negra e preparando-se para escravizar todo o mundo. Os vampyros da Casa da Noite trabalham com a polícia reagrupando os recursos que possuem, mas nada parece suficiente para vencer Neferet – a não ser que o vampyro que manipule os elementos possua também o dom de manusear Magia Antiga. Somente Zoey Redbird é herdeira de tal poder… mas devido às consequências de ter usado Magia Antiga no passado, Zoey não pode ajudar ninguém. Neste último romance da série Casa da Noite terá lugar a batalha épica entre a Luz e a Escuridão – a batalha que definirá quem será redimido… ou quem ficará perdido para sempre.

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Comprei este livro porque, embora a série no seu geral não seja grande coisa, este é o último volume de uma série bastante comprida e eu queria mesmo saber como é que vai acabar. Assim posso, finalmente, tirar esta série da minha cabeça 😛


Sublime Sedução, Fever #3 de Karen Marie Moning

Sinopse: Ele chama-me a sua Rainha da Noite. Por ele morreria. Mataria por ele, também.
Arrebatador e sedutor, este romance da nova série Fever leva o leitor a embrenhar-se nas aventuras de MacKayla Lane, a vidente de sidhe que se vê obrigada a afrontar uma Dublin infestada de Fae.
Quando Mac recebe uma página arrancada do diário da irmã morta, fica aturdida com as palavras de Alina. E sabe agora que o assassino da sua irmã está por perto. Mas o mal está mais perto ainda. A vidente de sidhe anda à caça: de respostas, de vingança. E de um antigo livro da mais negra magia, tão maléfico que corrompe quem quer que toque nele.
A demanda de Mac pelo Sinsar Dubh leva-a a percorrer as ruas escuras e ameaçadoras de Dublin com um suspeitoso polícia no seu encalço. Forçada a uma perigosa aliança triangular com V’lane, um letal Príncipe Fae, e Jericho Barrons, homem de mortais segredos, Mac não tardará a ver-se enredada numa batalha pelo seu corpo, mente e alma.

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Depois de comprar o Redimida e o livro para o marido, pude escolher um livro de oferta e a escolha recaiu sobre este, pena não ter visto que era o 3º da série e isso obriga-me a comprar os dois anteriores 🙂



A Arca de Natal, The Christmas Box Trilogy #1 de Richard Paul Evans

Sinopse: A Arca de Natal é uma fábula que mexe com todos nós. É um conto familiar que vem recordar-nos aquilo que é realmente importante nas nossas vidas. Mais do que tudo, é uma história para pais e filhos. Richard Paul Evans, autor em plena ascensão a nível mundial, tem um talento especial para nos levar pela mão, numa viagem ao verdadeiro sentimento que orienta a nossa vida: o amor. Este livro traz-nos as lágrimas aos olhos, mas também a redenção e o consolo de saber que depois de o lermos, estamos mais perto de conhecer o verdadeiro amor.
Uma prenda de Natal para espalhar a mensagem do verdadeiro amor.

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Este livro foi uma surpresa porque a editora enviou-o como presente, nada mau, mais um livrinho para a estante.