2016 Contemporary Challenge

Este ano vou participar no desafio proposto pelo blog The Book Belles, 2016 Contemporary Challenge.

2016 Contemp Challenge Button

Este desafio consiste em ler livros Young Adult, seja qual for o género (romance, fantasia…), desde que se insiram dentro do contemporâneo. Aqui vão as regras para o desafio:

Rules & Challenge Details:
  • You can read any YA contemporary novel, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be published in 2016. (The 2016 YA Scavenger Hunts will be exclusive to authors of YA contemporaries published in 2016, but for the challenge, you’re welcome to read any contemporaries you’d like 🙂
  • Everyone who has either a Goodreads or some platform to review on (blog, Youtube, etc). is eligible to participate!
  • For a book to count towards the challenge, you must read and review it between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  • Both the challenge and the monthly giveaways are international.
  • You’ll get one entry for each review posted to the link-up in the monthly prize pack drawings. If you link up one review, you’ll get one entry, two reviews-two entries, and so on.
  • The review link-up and giveaway will be posted on the 15th of each month- both here and on Jillian’s Books.

Poppy: 1-5 Books
Carnation: 6-10 Books
Peony: 11-15 Books
Lily: 16-20 Books
Tulip: 21-25 Books
Rose: 26+ Books

O que me proponho este ano é chegar ao nível Tulip e ler entre 21 a 25 livros dentro destes géneros.

Vão ainda haver alguns mini desafios ao longo do ano e depois irá haver giveaways. Gostei bastante da proposta e vou mesmo tentar chegar ao nível Tulip ou até mesmo ultrapassá-lo 🙂

Podem-se inscrever aqui.


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